A few words about me


I am Flora Koliaraki. I was born in Piraeus in 1980.

I studied computer programming and worked 13 years as a programmer. In 2013 I was introduced to UsuiReiki. My original intention was to heal myself from some personal issues that troubled me.

But soon I realized that healing concerns the purpose of my life.

I developed my healing knowledge by becoming a teacher of Usui Reiki and by initiating in Karuna Reiki, the Reiki of compassion, as well as in Violet therapeutic which is based on healing through the Violet Flame.

My life changed when I started to attend channelling lessons.

In my three years of education with Foteini Kechagia I experienced many miracles.

Angels appeared in my life, supported and guided me in a critical time of my life. My initiation to Angelic Reiki and my certification as a teacher of Angelic Reiki brought blessings in my life, since to do such a task fills you with love and light. Your heart opens to the divine and to offering to the human race.

Always being in contact with my inner guidance I was led to Shamanic energy medicine of the Incas. In 2014 I was trained in the Therapeutic Wheel, where I learned the healing techniques of the Indians of Peru.

Shamans use stories for the healing of the soul. The stories and fairy tales have always been a balsam for the soul of the people. Besides that, the word story means consolation. Along the way as a therapist I attended lessons of tale storytelling. Ι Often tell my own stories since I too write stories with therapeutic and spiritual content.

Also I became involved with acting and improvisation.

Theater is a great love of mine and a path to self-awareness. I studied in the theatrical school LAthater for a year. For two years I attended seminars in acting in ActingHow with the excellent actress Dimitra Syros and for a year I attended improvisation courses in Improvibe. I have participated in productions with great success. My love for the theater and for the children led me to attend seminars of theatrical games. Theatrical games are also a therapeutic tool that help expression, communication and awareness of children.

By following the path of the therapist I have organized many meditations and have held many sessions.

My aim is the offer to people because I believe that we can heal our wounds and transform them into wisdom. It’s a blessing for me to help others discover the treasure they have in them. We’re all wonderful, strong, full of love and light. All we need is to see it, to embrace it and then experience the wonders that brings this awareness. This is the gift of light that I have received on this path and it is a joy to share it with everyone.